Book Study ~ Practical Metaphysics, Apr 12 & 19


"God has already done for all of us what God can do when he included us in his image-likeness. The potential is there, all built in, according to our uniqueness. Ours is the privilege of understanding it and releasing it and giving birth to it.” ` Rev. Eric Butterworth

Though Eric Butterworth made his transition in 2003, he has a newly published book: Practical Metaphysics: A New Insight In Truth. In 1981, Eric taught a class at our Unity Seminary called A Course in Practical Metaphysics. It was recorded as a cassette album. Mark Hicks, a Licensed Unity Teacher, discovered these tapes in the Unity archives, and in 2016 he transcribed the Butterworth recordings. He provided the transcription to Unity World Headquarters, and their value was immediately recognized. Rev. Michael Maday, former editor of Unity Books, was contracted to edit the book.  I share this information as a demonstration of the devotion and energy so many freely commit to our Unity Movement. 

Please join us for this deep dive into universal metaphysics, the biblical teachings which support them, and their usefulness in your daily life. It will be a soulful, joyful, journey!
~ Rev. Dana Cummings

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