Meditation in Movement ~ Spiritual Dance

MEDITATION IN MOVEMENT ~Stop ~ Dance Meditation

Saturday, August 24, 2019 ~ 9am

Johnny Huff will host a Saturday morning Meditation in Movement known as Stop~ Dance Meditation. This meditation technique is for everyone and is approximately one (1) hour. There are four (4) components:

  1. It begins with controlled breathing followed by stretching warm up movements (about 5 minutes)
  2. We begin the dance meditation consisting of several minutes of dance, stopping whenever the music stops.
    1. Each break in the music lasts from 60-90 seconds. The music allows for the transition of flows to move your energy and then create a sudden stillness when the music stops.
    2. Each participant is encouraged to lose the self in the Dance and Stop technique to get a glimpse of the inner space, to become present suddenly and then observe the energy change. The continuity that is going on in the mind stops.
    3. Everyone is encouraged to dance playfully, to be totally engaged in the dancing (like no one is watching!) and have fun! Movement is an expression of FUN!
  3. Following the Dance and Stop activity, everyone finds a comfortable place to rest. We spend 15 minutes in silence and stillness.
  4. At the conclusion of the meditation, we come back to the present time and space as we are ready. Before departing, everyone is invited to enjoy the snacks of fruit, food and fulfillment. We consume the nourishment in gratitude and honor to all who have presented and participated.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing for movement. Bring a pillow and/or blanket upon which to rest. HYDRATE! Move at your own pace, rest as needed, to avoid personal injury.


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