MoonGoddess Yoga


MOONGODDESS YOGA Led by Cynthia Maynor, CYT 200, $10/session (ongoing offering) 
MoonGoddess Yoga, is gentle Hatha Yoga, including asanas and sequences, breath work, meditation, chanting, creating sacred-healing space and creating community. Cynthia's style of leading embraces modification and is appropriate for teens to seniors. Participants are encouraged to honor their bodies and move at their own pace as we discover balance together.The benefits of Yoga practice are far reaching; a few specifically related to health are:
~ improves flexibility
~ increases balance
~ reduces depression
~ eases back pain
~ protects your heart
~ helps breathing
~ slows aging
~ dress in clothes that will  allow you to stretch & bend
~ bring a yoga mat (please purchase or borrow if you
      don't already have one ~ it is a wise investment)

~ bring a blanket

~ DO NOT EAT FOOD within 1 hour before class
~ invite friends and family to participate


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