Realizing Great Gain From The Shift, Talk 4, Rev. David Byrley

THE GREAT GLOBAL AND COSMIC SHIFT -- A 4-Week Talk Series -- “There’s More to GAIN than there is to lose.”

Sept 4   - Talk 1 (Rev. David Byrley) WAS OUR CURRENT SHIFT FORETOLD? --  “Who are the players sent and what are their roles?”

Sept 11 - Talk 2 (Rev. David Byrley) WHAT IS OUR ROLE IN THE GREAT SHIFT? – Part I


We are, each one, very powerful beings. In Unity, we hear this all the time, and we even repeat it in a myriad of ways. In all likelihood, we even believe this at some level. Yet there are times we find ourselves steeped in fear and doubting the power of our faith. We find ourselves even unable to take comfort in divine love. We tell ourselves that fear is just "False Evidence Appearing Real", but somehow that big bad thing that is the focus of our fear feels exceedingly real!

Having a strong knowing of the power of faith does not mean we are never going to experience things that give rise to fear. Sometimes that fear is overwhelming, even debilitating. But deep in that fear experience is a paradox: the awareness of where fear gets its power can allow us to take back that power and reinvest it in our faith. When we do that and passionately infuse that faith with love, miracles happen. Sometimes, if we shine enough light on our “Big bad thing,” we will discover it was drawn into our lives by the very fear it is perpetuating! And that is the most powerful paradox of all! Withdrawing that fear can even heal the “big bad thing” itself!

Through the sharing of real life experiences of my own and that of others, we will learn how to use the paradox of fear to more fully access the power of faith and feel the presence of divine love in our lives.

Sept 25 - Talk 4 (Rev. David Byrley) REALIZING GREAT GAIN FROM THE SHIFT

This week we will close our series on The Great Global and Cosmic Shift by REALIZING what the GREAT GAIN is that is there for us during and after THE SHIFT. During our series we have repeatedly visited a player of our consciousness that always shows up during our shifts in life. This of course is Judas, the one that hands us over to our “WHOOA, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN HERE MOMENTS!”. Judas’ name means REVEALER. In the Hebrew alphabet the “D” in Judas’ name means DOOR. Judas is the door that opens to reveal the 4th Dimension. Through the door there are also our limiting beliefs and the collective’s limiting beliefs. Most importantly through the door there is the PLAN for our life, and the QUALITIES and CAPABILITIES of OUR TRUE SELF that are of the 4th Dimension, the Kingdom (or Queendom) of the Heavens, to realize THE PLAN – a greater and expanded expression of Life, of God.

A consciously-evolving awareness of glimpses of THE UNIQUE PLAN for our life, as part of THE GRAND ARCHITECT’S DIVINE PLAN, is GAINED through receiving flashes and integrations of the QUALITIES and CAPABILITIES of our TRUE SELF. As we GAIN or realize and actualize more and more of our DIVINE QUALITIES and CAPABILITIES, the result is:

  1. We develop new brain pathways and are then able to perceive yet more of the plan for our life to way-show a greater expression of our divinity than prior to our “WHOOA, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN HERE MOMENT!” Jesus had that revealing moment when he said, “Papa Papa….for this purpose I have come….”,

  2. More beauty and light are expressed through our yet more authentic life,

  3. We draw to us greater energetic (at times monetary) support to fulfill why we have come.

So, join us onsite or online this week as we look closer at the nature of realizing these GREAT GAINS for our life and for ALL OF HUMANITY! GOD HAS ONLY GOOD FOR US!

Rev. David Byrley

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