Renaissance Unity ~ 2020 Vision Workshop

Sunday, February 16, 2020 1-4:00pm

Renaissance Unity - 2020 Vision:  Deeply and Authentically Living our Mission of Transforming Lives through a Consciousness of Love

In 2019 we came together as a congregation to playfully and intentionally build vision boards which captured our future desires as a spiritual community.  We are ready for the next step in our creative process to expand the dreams beyond the vision boards and our sanctuary walls and bring them vibrantly into our lives and our world. 

On Sunday February 16, 2020 we will engage in a facilitated dialogue to co-create a vison statement that divinely expresses the highest manifestation of Transforming Lives through a Consciousness of Love. 

You are invited to participate in this 3-hour creative exploration. The objective of this process is to acknowledge experiences that have contributed to the successes of the past and begin to co-create a vision full of possibilities that pulls our congregation into the future. This dynamic and engaging session will allow us to hear many voices and chart a course for how this congregation can make a positive difference in creating a world that works for all. Your voice is important. Your lessons from the past and ideas for the future are valued. Join us in this journey.


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