Sunday Message ~ 2020 Visioning Sunday

Our Sunday Services start at 10:30 a.m. 

  • We have a full-service children's church/program each Sunday.
  • The second Sunday of the month is when the choir sings (usually) and we recognize birthdays for the month.  In addition, a Prayer Gathering follows the Service and is hosted by a member of our Prayer Chaplin Ministry
  • On the fourth Sunday, Energey Practitioners are available to offer healing touch and/or no touch (your choice) throughout the Service time.

Following each Service is time to fellowship, engage in our Community Meal ~ as announced ~ and catch up on coming events, programs and activities as posted on our Communications Board as well as check out our Market Place/Spiritual Corner.

Sophia (the personification of Divine Wisdom)
~ She is the mobility of all movement; She is the transparent nothing that pervades all things. She is the breath of God, A clear emanation of Divine Glory; No impurity can stain Her.

February 2, 2020 ~ Sunday ~ Mary Magdalene: Apostle to the Apostles
…Mary Magdalene earns her place among the apostles because of all Jesus’s
students, she is the one who best catches the full unitive meaning of his teachings and is best able to “walk the talk.” ~ Cynthia Bourgeault

Even though his teaching has been widely and wildly misconstrued (my perception), Jesus has profoundly and positively raised the consciousness of the planet (again my perception). I find myself in a place where to more fully enter into his ‘call’ I must understand Mary Magdalene and the role she plays as the ‘Apostle of Apostles.’ This is the invitation before you in the coming weeks—to come to know Mary, comprehend Mary, and perhaps to meld with Mary…as I believe she and Jesus did together.
~ Rev. Dana Cummings

February 9, 2020 ~ Sunday ~ Mary Magdalene: On the Path of Conscious Love
Conscious love is “love in the service of inner transformation”—or if you prefer, “inner transformation in the service of love.” Either way, this is exactly what Jesus was about. ~ Cynthia Bourgeault

Does conscious love include friendship? Yes. Does conscious love include intimate relationship? Yes.  Does conscious love include sexuality? Yes. Conscious love transcends and includes all human limitations of lust, fear, envy and dependency. I believe Jesus and Mary Magdalene came into a conscious love, a complete melding of yin and yang, the Tao (The Way), of the fully actualized being who is neither solely male nor solely female, but draws upon the strengths of both, in completion. ~ Rev. Dana Cummings
~Birthday Sunday
~Prayer Gathering Sunday follows Service

February 16, 2020 ~ 20/20 Visioning Sunday
What draws me here—her
e—to Renaissance Unity? What do I value in this spiritual community? What do I seek here…what do I find? And, as a part of a community dedicated to living divine Truth and Love, what is ours to be? What can we uniquely do? These are the questions we will reflect upon and vision together. 
~ Rev. Dana Cumming

February 23, 2020 ~ Sunday ~ Mary Magdalene as Unitive Wisdom
Is there something beyond
unity consciousness—something more than at-one-ment, the experience of connection with all beings, all things? Yes. Deeper than integration is communion, which is love coming into its fullness by giving itself away. The divine dance of love is lived in the taking in and the giving out; this sacred relationship is strengthening and refining, challenging and exciting, daunting and expanding. And You (who is reading this) are fully equipped to enter into this expression of truer love. Mary Magdalene and Jesus have shown us the way. ~ Rev. Dana Cummings
~ Energy Practitioners Available during Service


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