Sunday Message ~ Living Where the Spiritual Rubber Meets the Spiritual Road

Our Sunday Services start at 10:30 a.m. 

  • We have a full-service children's church/program each Sunday.
  • The second Sunday of the month is when the choir sings (usually) and we recognize birthdays for the month.  In addition, a Prayer Gathering follows the Service and is hosted by a member of our Prayer Chaplin Ministry
  • The fourth Sunday is Healing Sunday; healing practitioners offer healing touch and/or no touch (your choice) throughout the Service time.

Following each Service is time to fellowship, catch up on coming events, programs and activities as posted on our Communications Board and check out our Market Place/Spiritual Corner

OCTOBER 2018 ~ Saints are what they are not because of their sanctity but because the gift of sainthood makes it possible for them to admire everyone else. ~ Thomas Merton, Christian Mystic

October 7, 2018 ~ Sunday ~The Dirty Laundry (of spiritual masters)
As far as Buddha Nature is concerned, there is no difference between a sinner and a sage...One enlightened thought and one is a Buddha, one foolish thought and one is again an ordinary person.~ Master Hui Neng
Spiritual understanding and mastery does not eliminate the 'dirty laundry' of your simply allows you to see what it is, and, what it is not. In that is your freedom to live and to love. ~ Rev. Dana Cummings

October 14, 2018 ~ Living Where the Spiritual Rubber Meets the Spiritual Road
It's often expressed that as Truth students we are on a "spiritual journey or spiritual path." There's a good chance you've heard that journey described as, "we are spiritual beings having a human experience on our way to pure and perfect unfoldment." There's value in that belief and inspiration in those words but it's in the practice that spiritual growth happens. That's where the spiritual rubber meets the spiritual road. ~ Guest Speaker, Rev. Fred Wright
~ Birthday Sunday (and) A Prayer Gathering follows the Service

October 21, 2018 – In the Beginning Was Frequency
Guest Speaker Dale Allen Hoffman presents a very clear and crystalline vision of the true meaning of "spirituality" [Latin "spiritus", Aramaic "rookha", Greek "pneuma"], which means literally "frequency, vibration, oscillation", etc. Mr. Hoffman’s  talk centers on the realization that true spirituality is our conscious recognition of frequency and vibration in our life experience as we embrace the rise and fall of our breath, our heartbeat, the movement of air upon our skin, "tuning in" to the ambient sounds in our environment, movement and silence, etc.

October 28, 2018 ~ Sunday ~ Awakened Emotions & Ordinary Perfection
When a student asked: “You teach us to just sit when we sit, just eat when we eat; could a Zen master be just angry in the same way?
” Suzuki Roshi replied, “You mean to just get angry like a thunderstorm and be done when it passes? Ahh, I wish I could do that.” Zen Master Suzuki Roshi
Spiritual masters have emotions too…
and bodies to be cared for…just like you. ~ Rev. Dana Cummings
~ Healing Sunday
~ Community Meal


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