Sunday Service ~ Faith It 'til You Make It

Our Sunday Services start at 10:30 a.m. 

  • We have a full-service children's church/program each Sunday.
  • The second Sunday of the month is when the choir sings (usually) and we recognize birthdays for the month.  In addition, a Prayer Gathering follows the Service and is hosted by a member of our Prayer Chaplin Ministry
  • The fourth Sunday is Healing Sunday; healing practitioners offer healing touch and/or no touch (your choice) throughout the Service time.

Following each Service is time to fellowship, catch up on coming events, programs and activities as posted on our Communications Board and check out our Market Place/Spiritual Corner

APRIL 2019
“The laws of life are written into every atom, molecule and heartbeat. We are immersed in the sweet law of unfolding mystery called life.” Bryant McGill
April at RU is a month of immersion ~ review the varied program offerings of this Holy season and allow your spirit to become fully immersed in Spirit (as it already is).

April 7, 2019 ~ Who Are You?

Ultimately, we have only one problem: We do not know who we really, really are. That said there is only one solution... Guest Speaker, Rev. Robert Brumet

April 14, 2019 ~ Palm Sunday ~ Holy Week and the Children of the Light
Guest Speaker Dale Allen Hoffman shares mystical insights from the ancient Aramaic and Gnostic perspectives about Palm Sunday as well as the deeper symbology of the Biblical stories about Holy Week and the events leading up to the Resurrection.
~ Birthday Sunday
~ A Prayer Gathering Follows the Service

April 21, 2019 ~ EASTER SUNDAY ~ Resurrecting Jesus

If something is to be resurrected it means...something else has died. There was a real death just outside Jerusalem that first Good Friday. There was a true resurrection in the tomb that first Easter morn. Jesus' entire life, from birth, thru growth, adolescence, maturation and mastery, to crucifixion and resurrection, is a mirror image of your life journey. Join us this Easter morning as we 'resurrect' Jesus-and in the process-raise up ourselves. ~ Rev. Dana Cummings

April 28, 2019 ~ Faith it ‘til You Make It ~ Guest Speaker, Rev. Fred Wright
Unity's co-founder, Myrtle Fillmore, was a woman of great faith. Faced with a life-threatening illness, she took it upon herself to believe as Jesus taught so many times when he said, "your faith has made you whole."

  • She made a choice to change her consciousness from one of illness to one of health, vitality and wholeness. Over the years when I've thought about Myrtle's healing and how it was a foundation for our beloved Unity movement, I am grateful for her humble persistence, strong believe and trust in God.
  • She truly called on the spiritual power of "faith" to save her own life.

You and I have access to that same power and no matter what we are facing, we, too, it 'til we make it!
~ Healing Sunday


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