Sunday Service ~ Getting Clear

Our Sunday Services start at 10:30 a.m. 

  • We have a full-service children's church/program each Sunday.
  • The second Sunday of the month is when the choir sings (usually) and we recognize birthdays for the month.  In addition, a Prayer Gathering follows the Service and is hosted by a member of our Prayer Chaplin Ministry
  • On the fourth Sunday, Energey Practitioners are available to offer healing touch and/or no touch (your choice) throughout the Service time.

Following each Service is time to fellowship, engage in our Community Meal ~ as announced ~ and catch up on coming events, programs and activities as posted on our Communications Board as well as check out our Market Place/Spiritual Corner.

JULY 2019
The characteristics of an authentically empowered personality are humbleness, clarity, forgiveness and love.
~ Gary Zukav

July 7, 2019 ~ Fourth of July Sunday ~ A More Perfect Union
Ask anyone if they want a more perfect union and they would say,
“Yes!” The rub is, what that looks like. What color(s) is it; what religion/spirituality expresses in it; what ethnicities and cultures comprise it? You can identify many apparent lines of separation in our nation, though there is one division which reigns supreme over the rest—the separation we have made out of race. Until we have a full, open, public dialogue about race, until we ratify and enact meaningful reparations, we will be far far less than a more perfect union.  ~ Rev. Dana Cummings

July 14, 2019 ~ Sunday ~ Getting Clear
What would it be like if you knew that everything was always okay? That doesn
’t mean there wouldn’t be challenges. It just means that you wouldn’t turn them into problems, so then you would be able to respond to them from a clear place. ~ Mary O’Malley
To live from a clear place…what would that feel like in your body, in your psyche?
Your life…free from struggleFREE FROM STRUGGLE!! (an inner voice shouts) How can my life be free from struggle, when life IS a struggle?! This is the story, the mindset, the ‘goods’ most of our souls have been sold since childhood. Are you ready to stop buying, and to stop struggling? To do so means getting clear. ~ Rev. Dana Cummings
~ Birthday Sunday
~ A Prayer Gathering follows the Service

July 21, 2019 ~ Sunday ~ Nothing to Fear
Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom
. Luke 12:32  How many times have you read this, heard this or something like it?...‘Don’t worry, be happy.’
Most people , most of the time, are caught in a low-grade fear that can flare into anxiousness, insecurity, and even full-blown terror.
~ Mary O’Malley
Is this you? Maybe yes, maybe no. Is this anyone you know? So are you open to knowing your fear, and in the knowing, moving beyond it?  ~ Rev. Dana Cummings

July 28, 2019 ~ Sunday ~ “Children of God”
Guest speaker, Joshua Inacio, will explore in depth the ancient concept of Children of God as a metaphysical tool, for us to expand into and connect deeper with the Divine Presence that is always around us.



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