Engagement Team Volunteers

Volunteerism is essential to the vibrancy of Renaissance Unity and the structures which have been developed to coordinate and maintain our volunteer efforts are Engagement Teams and Ministries. Following is a list of the Engagement Teams/Ministries that have been organized. Congregants are encouraged to review the mission of each Engagement Team/Ministry and search their hearts in consideration of serving on the team or ministry that is the best fit.

Greeters Team

The mission of the Greeters Team is to provide a warm and welcoming experience for each individual who enters our sacred space, including face-to-face interactions and acts of service in behind-the-scenes support before, during and after Sunday Services and other programs/events. A sincere commitment to time, direction and execution is critical to the success of the Greeters Team.

Hospitality Team

The mission of the Hospitality Team is to ensure all of our congregants have coffee and refreshments every Sunday, to keep our kitchen stocked and organized and to provide hands and hearts to support our social events and potlucks.

Membership/Social Team

The Membership/Social Team engages newcomers and new members while strengthening, engaging and retaining our growing family of congregants. In addition, the Membership/Social Team plans, organizes and executes a variety of fun, educational and entertaining social events that build and deepen the bonds of friendship, connection and community throughout our congregation.

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry is charged with being on the beat, on pitch, on message and on fire through the gifts of traditional and non-traditional instrumental, vibrational and vocal music. The Music Ministry is heavily supported by our Sound/Media team, which also includes visual media.

Prayer Chaplains Ministry

The mission of the Prayer Chaplain Ministry is to serve our spiritual community by giving voice to Spirit through affirmative prayer, meditation and heartfelt encouragement. The Renaissance Unity Prayer Chaplain Ministry is a continuing gift of love to those who seek the transforming power of prayer. Individual prayers are offered by a member of the Ministry each Sunday after the Service through private prayer sessions. All prayers are held in strict confidence.

Youth Ministry Team

The mission of the Youth Ministry Team is to offer fun-filled, God-centered programs that foster the spiritual development and positive self-image of our youth and to attract new youth and their families to the Renaissance Unity community. We adults are the wind...our children are ever soaring Eagles filled with their own flourishing, immeasurable divinity that we support and honor with Unity principles and practices.