Youth & Family

Children’s classes meet on Sundays when church begins at 10:30 am; the children join the congregation at the close of each Sunday service. The mission of the youth ministry is:

  • to offer fun-filled, God-centered programs that foster the spiritual development and positive self-image of our youth, and
  • to attract new youth and their families to the Renaissance Unity of Northeast Ohio community.

We adults are the wind. Our children are the ever-soaring Eagles filled with their own flourishing, immeasurable divinity that we support and honor with Unity practices and principles.

The curriculum includes principles that teach practical understanding and application of the Unity Principles.

Children's Version of the Five Basic Unity Principles

  1. God is all good and active in everything, everywhere.
  2. I am naturally good because God's Divinity is in me and in everyone.
  3. I create my experiences by what I choose to think and what I feel and believe.
  4. Through affirmative prayer and meditation, I connect with God and bring out the good in my life.
  5. I do and give my best by living the Truth I know. I make a difference!

It is a dynamic and caring environment where young people can safely explore their Christ-nature. Teens participate as greeters and read the Daily Word. (See Home Page for today’s Daily Word). Renaissance Unity’s children also focus on SERVICE TO OTHERS in the context of community and continue to have their own service projects. The children’s program is led and implemented by Youth Education Coordinator, Cheryl Jamison, and a team of creative parent-teachers and Renaissance members.

If you have questions regarding the Youth & Family Ministry, please email