Heights Emergency Food Center ~ Annual Campaign

Renaissance Unity participates in an annual campaign to provide food, household goods (cleaning supplies/personal hygiene products/diapers) and monetary donations for the Heights Emergency Food Center (HEFC), a non-profit corporation staffed by volunteers to provide for people in emergency situations. Committed to Judeo-Christian principles, the center respects social and cultural diversity and upholds the worth and dignity of those it serves.

Following is a report of RU donations made to HEFC 2014-2018:

2014: Food/Goods Donated ~ 429 lbs; and Funds ~ $1,435
2015: Food/Goods Donated ~ 253 lbs; and Funds ~ $1,395
2016: Food/Goods Donated ~ 251 lbs; and Funds ~ $1,335
2017: Food/Goods Donated ~ 505 lbs; and Funds ~ $2,022
2018: Food Goods Donated ~ 364 lbs; and Funds ~ $2,608

Our campaign dates are announced each year in November. Checks are most appreciated since the HEFC purchases at discounted prices and can make the dollars go further. 

Bountiful blessings to you all and to ALL the angels in the congregation who contribute year after year to the health and wellness of those in need in our community! ~ Gay Quereau

For more information, email Gay Quereau ~ a member of Renaissance Unity and a Board Member of HEFC) at gdquereau@gmail.com