Heights Emergency Food Center ~ Annual Campaign

Renaissance Unity participates in an annual campaign to collect food, household goods (cleaning supplies/personal hygiene products/diapers) and monetary donations for the Heights Emergency Food Center, which is a non-profit corporation staffed by volunteers to provide for people in emergency situations. Committed to Judeo-Christian principles, the center respects social and cultural diversity and upholds the worth and dignity of those it serves.

Following is a repot of Donations Made to the Heights Emergency Food Center, 2014-2018:

2014: Campaign Dates,  [unknown( ?); Pounds of Food/Goods Donated ~ 429 lbs; Monetary Donations (Cash/Checks) ~ $1,435
2015: Campaign Dates, 11/08/15 through 11/20/15; Pounds of Food/Goods Donated ~ 253 lbs; Monetary Donations (cash/checks) $1,395
2016: Campaign Dates, 10/30/16 through 11/27/16: Pounds of Food Goods Donated ~ 251 lbs; Monetary Donations (cash/checks) $1,335
2017: Campaign Dates, 11/19/17 through 12/17/17: Pounds of Food/Goods Donated ~ 505 lbs; Monetary Donations (cash/checks) $2,022
2018: Campaign Dates, 11/18/18 through 12/16/18: Pounds of Food Goods Donated ~ 364 lbs; Monetary Donations (cash/checks) $2,608