Shadow to Light Program (S2L)


Shining the Light in an Age of Polarization
Recently, we have seen powerful examples of what happens when people are gripped by their Shadow. Do you know someone who has been affected by: Mass shootings in public places?  Depression and/or suicide, now at epidemic levels?  Poverty/ homelessness?  The pain of the Shadow is not just felt by the perpetrators and victims of these desperate actions. In this society, EVERYONE is exposed to the Four Shadows – and everyone can experience the Joy of the Light.

What is the SHADOW?  
1. The Shadow is what we fear.
2. The Shadow is fear itself.
3. The Shadow is what holds us back.

What is the LIGHT?
1. The Light is the energy of the Divine within you.
2. The Light is your highest good.
3. The Light is what moves you forward.
4. The Light is your greatness.

Taking Action:
It is time for us to change – ourselves and our society.  It is time to move out of the Shadows and into the Light.
It is time for us to stop addressing the “manifesting symptoms”.  It is time to stop proposing quick fixes.  It is time to change the essential energy that keeps the Shadows locked in place.  Let’s get serious about ending these situations, not just lament them.

Shadow to Light (S2L) ~ A 12 Week Program
Tuesdays September 5 through November 21 ~ 7-9 p.m.

The Program

The 12-week, “S2L” Program begins consists of four themes (plus a bonus fifth theme to be announced).  Additional Energy Transformation Sessions will be available.

Theme 1: Instead of being gripped by The Shadow of the ‘Other’ which manifests itself as Racism, Sexism & Intolerance…  We can embrace The Light of Deep Community

Theme 2: Instead of being gripped by The Shadow of Lack which manifests itself as Poverty, Greed & Hoarding… We can embrace The Light of Abundant Enoughness

Theme 3: Instead of being gripped by The Shadow of Violence which manifests itself as Insecurity, Fear & Isolation… We can embrace The Light of Peace & Security

Theme 4: Instead of being gripped by The Shadow of Despair which manifests itself as Anger, Depression, Drug Abuse and Suicide… We can embrace The Light of Fulfillment & Deep Healing

Each weekly session will include:
~ Overview, Grounding and Centering (including physical movement, opening meditation and intentions)
~ A Video to focus on the weekly themes
~ A Group Dialogue on the weekly theme
~ An Energy Transformation including setting intention, visual meditation and energy transformation declaration

Registration (select one of three levels) ~ Only 25 spots are available for Regular and Certification Candidate participants.

  • Register as a Regular Participant: $90
    Attend the 12-week program at Renaissance Unity, Tuesdays beginning September 5, 2017 through November 21, 2017
  • Register as a Certification Candidate: $150
    Attend the 12-week program at Renaissance Unity, Tuesdays beginning September 5, 2017 through November 21, 2017
    In addition, Certification candidates receive an additional 2-4 hours per week of training materials and writing assignments, participation in weekly 30 minute meditation sessions (starting date to be announced in November), additional, in-depth, information and behind-the scenes knowledge on how S2L works.  Certification candidates are assessed on their completion of assignments, their participation in exercises, their written responses and the assessment of their fellow participants. Certified participants are eligible to convene and conduct their own S2L groups in 2018 when S2L is poised to EXPLODE, and there will be a demand for people who can facilitate groups. There will be fee-sharing with the certified facilitators, which may act as an additional incentive. However, the primary incentive for being a certified facilitator is to move forward the shift in energy to “a world for all.”
  • Register as an Individual Online Participant: $120
    Participate in the program from your own location, in your own time, with your own equipment.